18 September, 2010

Travelling Cattle

According to Indian Animal Welfare Laws, it is illegal to transport animals in any manner that will cause them suffering. It is perfectly all right to complain/ take the transporter to task. But, how many of us have the time and the inclination to go to the nearest police outpost and complain/ exchange words with the transporter?

During a recent journey, this pair of young buffaloes were travelling ahead of us.It was impossible to ignore them - especially, the difficulty they had with maintaining their balance. A couple of times, the tether seemed to be pulling at their necks, adding to their discomfort. Obviously, the driver preferred speed to the animals' comfort.
Disturbing, no doubt, but, we were definitely in no mood to pick up an argument. Soon, we passed them by and the buffaloes were out of our sight (can't remove them out of my mind though :( ).
Some years ago, I had read an article by Menaka Gandhi. She had written that if animals could sue us for defamation, they most definitely would. See how we malign them ....A dog is known for its loyalty, but, we call traitors Kutta. Crows, pigeons, owls,cuckoos - intelligent birds, but, an idiot/ non -thinker is either an ullu/ / cuckoo/ bird-brained. A pig is known for its personal hygiene and we call a dirty person 'pig'. A donkey is so hardworking and the lazy one amongst us is labelled gadha, .... and so on.
Yeah, I think, she has a point there. Maybe, the cattle should be suing us twice? For forcing them to travel uncomfortably, and then, calling that kind of travel 'cattle class'!
It's not always that cattle are transported this way, you know. People with genuine concern, lay a thick bed of sand on the floor of the vehicle. Once the hooves sink into the sand, it's a relatively comfortable journey for the cattle. Now, I would call that 'Cattle I class'!!
The real 'cattle class', however, travels like in the picture on the header of this blog - relaxed, at its own pace, occupying the entire stretch of the road :)

Century on the Bronze Anniversary!

This is my100th post, and today is the eighth birthday of Alter Idem !! That's an average of a post per month......1.04 to be precise!!...