15 September, 2012

Umbrella for fools!

Guess what?? It takes only an umbrella to make one look like a fool!!
Of course, not any umbrella.... it has to be this particular umbrella - the umbrella of my kid's kindergarten days.
And, it's not like this umbrella always had such a lowly status.......

You know, there's this school near home. Not so long ago, when the kid was about 2-3, one of her favourite routines was to wave out to the school-going kids - every morning & evening. Since she had learnt how to open the gate, I'd linger around, keeping an eye. Pretty soon, both of us knew all the kids who passed by, by their names!

It was during the rainy season, when this routine continued, that the kid noticed - while we held big, black umbrellas, the school-goers held small, colourful ones. She wanted a colourful brolly, and, well, we decided to humour her.

One of the greatest disadvantages of living in a small town is that, often, one has no choice but to buy what the shopkeeper has. And, I had my fingers crossed as I walked into the shop. To my great delight, the only colourful brolly he had was MOST agreeable!

 The kid, of course, was absolutely delighted with the new umbrella. One of the smaller kids in the brolly was her, and the rest were named after her school going friends!
And, now, there was an additional pastime - of standing out in the rain just to watch the rain fall off the umbrella!!

 I don't remember when & why this umbrella went to the corner, but, after a couple of monsoons, the kid & the brolly broke up....

 The other evening, after a long time, I checked in on the umbrella. The first thing that came to my mind was that the manufacturers could have used this umbrella for their ad - 3-4 years of not too careful handling by a kid, and a few years in a corner - but, still, in working condition!
The manufacturer's tag, unfortunately, is missing.

Feeling a little compassionate towards the umbrella, I decided to take it out. The kid called out, 'Are you going out with THAT umbrella?! You look like a fool'................

10-07-2014.... This evening, we took this brolly out - in the rains. We realised that in order to close it, one has to wrap it shut with the clasp..... The clasp had the brand name - 'SUN' !

Century on the Bronze Anniversary!

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