09 April, 2012

Kursi ka kissa

These days, if you're living in Karnataka, it is very difficult to get away from politicians and their affection for chairs. In fact, all that fuss makes me very conscious of the fact that I have never had a favourite chair in all my donkey's years of existance!

Of late, though, one chair has been getting a lot of my attention.....

Last month, there was a night - long volleyball tournament, about half a kilometre from home. All that cheering and commentary ensured that I had a very disturbed sleep. So, the next time I passed by the ground I took a moment to glare at the hoarding with the pics of the organisers. Instead, I ended up gazing at the very attractive referee's chair!

Back home, I took a closer look at the chair (this pic to be precise!) and decided that the green surroundings and the skeletal design are the chair's only plus points! With no arm rests, it looks like one has to sit uncomfortably straight!

Of course, the referee who has to sit on it must have some acrobatic skills in addition to a ladder to get on it! Once there, I guess he'll feel very safe from the players' ire..... or, probably not!! I'm sure, 2-3 players have to only shake the supporting poles to topple the referee!

Well! At last, I find a likeable chair - only to realise that the chances of me sitting on it are non-existant! Because, forget umpiring - at the time of writing this, I have absolutely no acrobatic skills & do not know the difference between a volley ball and a throw ball!!!

Century on the Bronze Anniversary!

This is my100th post, and today is the eighth birthday of Alter Idem !! That's an average of a post per month......1.04 to be precise!!...