26 May, 2012

Missing him.....

About an year ago, I had introduced an acquaintance - someone I used to meet every evening. Over time, we had graduated from being nodding acquaintances to talking acquaintances. We had even begun to explain our absences for the evenings we missed seeing each other!

Though our conversations revolved around plants/ gardening, I had learnt that he was a farmer from North Karnataka, had had differences with family members and had come here to spend the rest of his life - far from the madding crowd......

Earlier this month, I was away for a week. After I came back, I noticed that my friend was missing. I assumed that he was visiting his daughter (with whom he was on good terms).

 It's been about 10 days since I returned, and still, no sign of him. Though in full bloom, his garden is looking a little weedy. I decided to make enquiries about him with the all-knowing watchman.

'You don't know, Maydam-avre (How I ABHOR that address!)? The other day, a group of Maataajis (women sadhus) were here. He left with them. I think he has joined their group and has gone for good.'

Of course, he is situated in such a way that he can take off at will - go wherever he wants to, whenever he wants to. And, I know, I will get used to not seeing him.

But, I will remember him whenever I see this coleus in my collection. He had given me the cutting one evening......

07 May, 2012

Bunkey & co.

Desolate, hungry and lonely - those were my first thoughts when I saw this stray outside the gate last week.

 Clearly, it was crying to be adopted and something about its appearance touched a chord in me. I decided to make friends...first step towards adoption, actually!

Every time I tried to go near it, it would run away, and return very hesitatingly after some time! So, I placed some breakfast leftovers and some water near the gate - 'The way to a hungry dog's heart is via its stomach' principle!

 Later that evening when I broke the news.....

 Husband: THAT thing?! It doesn't even look like a dog!

 Kid: You should call it 'Bunny'..it has such long ears!

 I settled on 'Bunkey' after a character from Enid Blyton's 'Noddy' stories...and looked forward to seeing it in the morning.

 Alas! Bunkey didn't return at all!

 Of course, it wasn't the food!! Just that somebody else beat me at adopting it!

 Yet again!

 Twice in the past, I had almost adopted strays. Both the times, they were here for less than a day. Even before I could buy a leash, they had run away. Not before giving us some moments of amusement, though....

Meet Gojal and Masi....

Century on the Bronze Anniversary!

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