10 April, 2014

My Day With Tom...

This is the profile picture of the neighbourhood stray.

Actually, from the amount of time he spends in our yard, you could call him ours!

To date, he has not asked for/ stolen from our kitchen and I have never offered him food/drink. But, I have given him a name..... the most unimaginative 'TOM'.

As usual, one morning last week, I heard some neighbours yelling 'shoos' and kids hollering out exaggerated 'miaows'.......and, I knew.... Tom would now come to his safest haven - our yard! On a sudden whim, I decided to  keep track of the time he spent here.....

 I first found Tom at around 9.30 a.m- comfortably settled under the Allamanda shrubs.

Some time later, he was eating  what I call 'Animal-grass'......

You know, dogs and cats eat this particular grass when they have indigestion..... self-medication!

Since I have caught Tom eating Animal-grass quite often, I'm inclined to believe that he gets a tummy-ache regularly!

Around noon, Tom was where I expected to find him.... in the porch.

Here, he can stay away from the sun for long stretches.....and, that's exactly what he does!

A little later, at high noon, it seems to me that NOTHING can disturb Tom....

Take a look at him!

What I wouldn't give for a siesta like that!

 Hmph! Tracking Tom isn't doing me any good........

Towards evening, when I water the plants, Tom's sleepy mood remains unchanged... Only, the spot and his posture has changed.

By now, I'm tempted to hose him down with a jet of water.

Even though I have never done that, Tom doesn't trust me.

He shifts from the ground and climbs on to the wall.

Stupid cat!! If I wanted to, I could still give him a wash!!

From the expression on his mug, it seems like this is his last lap of sleep.

And, I'm right! A couple of minutes later as I take off for my daily beat, he's gone - without even thanking me for allowing him to spend the entire day undisturbed! Well..... his day has just begun!

You know, it is so sultry and hot this year that ideally, I would love to spend my days lazing about, doing nothing. And, this fat cat is doing exactly that - right under my nose!!

I think, I'm jealous........................

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