05 April, 2015

Angrezi media.....Why?

Some days ago, the National film awards were announced. Quite unexpectedly, Sandalwood- the Kannada film industry- had fared well.... especially, a largely unknown actor called Sanchari Vijay.

Vijay won the National award for best actor - for the role of a transgender in a movie called Naanu avanu alla ... avalu (Not a man.... a woman). The best Kannada movie, Harivu (Flow) - about a rural man who brings his ailing son to big city for treatment - has the same Vijay playing the role of the helpless father.

Well.... I had never heard of this man! As a Kannadiga, I was doubly interested (a little guilty too!)..... Google, of course, knew something.  And, the newspapers told us what google knew!!

Last week, I chanced upon the latter half of an interview with Vijay on a Kannada TV channel - with some clips from both movies. From what I saw, the actor has been outstanding in both the movies.......

Of course, the Kannada media has given him due credits.  But, you know, none of the leading Angrezi newspapers have featured him on their Sunday supplements as yet - quite the opposite of what happens when someone from Bollywood wins the National Award.......... Then, we are treated to an overdose of  features on already known actors.  And, when someone from the regional films wins this coveted award, he/ she is not even introduced to the country!!

Why, this treatment??   

Century on the Bronze Anniversary!

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