09 September, 2011

Darshan views

Twice, on Alter Idem, I have written about my dates with Kannada movies - here and here.

Well! Music class is quite irregular now and the only silver lining is that I don't have to suffer jhalaks of Kannada movies.

Today, the Kannada news channels were going on and on about the arrest of 'Sandalwood' actor 'Challenging star Darshan'- for abusing his wife of 7 years or so. The actor has been sent to jail - at least for the weekend and, in a strange way, I'm pleased!

You'll understand me when I tell you why! On 4 occasions, I have suffered the same bits of the same 'Darshan movie'. No doubt, the 'bus fellows' switch on the movie at the same vantage point :/

On all 4 occasions, I sat down to a very heavy dose of violence as Darshan, playing the top cop of a small town takes on the local goons. Later, at home, he receives a call from his amma - she has chosen a bahu. With a 'your choice is my choice', cop cuts the call- to attend to official duties (more dishum-dishum).

Meanwhile, the phoren - educated bride-to-be tells her scandalised parents that she wants to spend some time with the man they have chosen for her and only then decide whether she wants to marry him or not. She also tells them that she is not 'that' type of a girl and has retained her cultural values inspite of her longish stay in a phoren land....

One day, cop comes home, and, hey! there's a new chatterbox naukraani there! He accepts her vague explanations about her presence. More irritating chatter through which naukraani alias bride-to-be, offers gutkha, cigarettes & booze and is super-thrilled to learn that our cop doesn't touch any of these.....

Here, it was time for me to get off... probably, I narrowly missed a dream sequence/ song :)

From the news reports, Darshan's movies come across as movies with loads of violence. I guess, some of his screen culture has seeped into his life off-screen. And, also, into the lives of his fans :(

How else can one justify the fans' mindless acts of stone-pelting, shouting abuses,.... when they heard about their idol's arrest?

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