11 February, 2013

Uncanned laughter

"The earth laughs in flowers".... so said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

How true! Ma earth laughs so prettily....and, in so many different ways!

 The Canna, is one of my husband's favourite flowers. Easy to grow, it asks for some sunshine & regular watering - that's all. Even so, I'm not sure why the canna isn't that popular in home gardens.
Of course, they are very popular  in parks and landscaped gardens - usually as border plants or in the centre of a circular theme.

Canna was one of my mother's favourite flowers. We have one here that has its origins in her garden. The flowers are smaller than the regular canna flowers. Quite recently, I read somewhere that the bulbs of this variety are edible. And, I have seen small birds visiting regularly - their 'juice shoppe',  I guess!

This red canna here is S'man's favourite. S'man drops in sometimes to help us out with gardening.   Every time he sees this, he says  'mast colour'.... He thinks these look like plastic flowers !!

  Strangely, S'man doesn't call this flower 'mast'.
   Maybe, because this is quite common .....

I know, care-takers are not supposed to have favourites, but, as an admirer, the remaining three in our collection are my favourites. This,


                                                                                                    ..... and, this! 

 Let me confess - I like the last one a wee bit
 more than the others!
Let me also confess - when I add a white canna to our collection, it will top the list of favourite cannas (because, I have a weakness for white flowers)!      
According to some estimates, there are about 3 lakhs flower species on Planet Earth.
Multiply that by the number of colours in each species - that's countless ways of laughing....

P.S: Soon, it will be one year since one of the worst days of my life. The road looks empty, shade-less and obscenely wide. But, there is some colour & happiness when I open the door. You know, the earth's laughter is quite infectious.... and, after a long time, I'm in better spirits :)

Adding a new plant to this collection (5 days short of an year after posting the earlier flowers!)

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