26 November, 2014


Necessity is  the mother of invention. And, getting the desired result from available resources is jugaaD

I had come across the word jugaaD for the first time when I heard this song by Kailash Kher. Quite a catchy number - especially, the 'karle jugaaD karle, karle koi jugaaD' bit........

And, it was the first word that came to my mind when I saw this all-weather volleyball/ badminton net at a rubber plantation quite  recently.

When I expressed my admiration, the lady with me explained that it was her husband's idea and workmanship.  Well.... a real net is a luxury that a farmer of limited means cannot afford. This net is the result of a cash-strapped grandfather's desire to add a dash of professionalism to the games played by his grand children..... Only a true sports enthusiast can have the determination and patience to carry out such ideas!

The entire net is made up of stiff, sturdy nylon cord - the kind that's used to fasten heavy parcels.

You'll find such cords in so many homes (including ours!!) - kept on convenient ledges for probable use.... and then, lying around unused for ages and ages!

But, this net has given me an idea. On my next gardening spell, I must experiment with this cord as supporting grids for the vegetable vines......


  1. Sowmya ..Well written esaay I can say..possible use of the cords...keep writing ..


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