13 November, 2015

Alter Idem's sixth!

 Alter Idem turns six today!

 I started out by sharing a short story. That's why, I mark the birthday of this blog by sharing some short story that I have read - usually, the first one that comes to my mind as I begin to write the 'Birthday Post'.........

Last month, I came across an anecdote - A friend wagered Ernest Hemingway to write a short story using six letters only...... and, it had to make the readers sad. Of course, EH won the bet - and, here's the short story...

                                         For Sale : Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

There! For the first time, I have shared an entire short story... as it is!!

 I'm sure Ernest Hemingway didn't have to think very hard to come up with this one. He is a master story teller who can convey quite a lot with very little words. Take this story, for example....

Initially, it conveys the enthusiasm of soon-to-be parents. But, then.... what happened??

 Did the pregnant mother die?  Was the child born without feet?

 Did the baby die soon after birth and the parents couldn't have another? 

 Or, did the brat refuse to wear the shoes and he/ she outgrew them?

 Whatever the reason, to consider selling baby shoes in the second hand market brings the picture of someone who is really desperate for money .......... a sad story however you look at it!


You know, every year, as I begin to write the 'Birthday post', I'm reminded of the 'End Poem' by A.A. Milne. This is how it goes.....  
                                                     When I was one,
                                                     I had just begun.
                                                    When I was two, 
                                                    I was nearly new.
                                                   When I was three,
                                                   I was hardly me.
                                                  When I was four,
                                                  I was not much more.
                                                 When I was five,
                                                 I was just alive.
                                                But now, I'm six,
                                               I'm as clever as clever.
                                              So, I think, I'll be six now...
                                              forever and ever! 

For some time now, I have been thinking of saying bye-bye to blogging, and, thanks to this poem, six seems to be the right time!

At six, I have published only 93 posts. And, I do not want to throw away my wicket before scoring the century! For the moment, that keeps me going.........


  1. Just those words and the express so much.
    Please continue blogging:)

    1. Yeah.... and, thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  2. Congratulations on the sixth!
    Beautiful story indeed :)


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